• Cervical Spine
    The cervical spine consists of joints that allow movement of neck region more than any other region of the spine.
  • Thoracic Spine
    The thoracic spine is thicker and wider to help support the back and bear the weight.
  • Lumbar Spine
    The lumbar spine is necessary for lateral bending, flexion, extension and rotation of the hip region.
  • Sacroiliac Joint
    Sacroiliac Joint is strong, weight bearing joint that functions as shock absorber.
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
    A latest and advanced technology to treat back pain and neck pain.
  • Spine Trauma
    Spine trauma is damage to the spine due to a sudden traumatic injury.
  • Spine Deformity
    Spine deformity is an abnormality in the shape, curvature and flexibility of spine.
Dr Norton
Skilled in the most advanced surgical techniques and emerging technologies, Dr. Norton offers expertise in all aspects of spine care. He brings to South Florida an academic and evidence based treatment approach while utilizing cutting-edge techniques for back, neck and spine conditions
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"How can I thank you? I'm really asking for the convention to say the very genuine 'thank you', not just for your professional skills but for the thought and concern you displayed in treating me."
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